Monday, July 9, 2012

My Little Corner

I love having a little corner where I can create.  Yes, sometimes I dream of having a big room on my own, just for crafting.  But I am just happy and grateful to have a space I can call my own.  And actually having a space in the middle of the house keeps us all connected.   

There are some struggles in keeping a small space that is exposed tidy, and usually it looks like a battle zone, in which I have so lost that battle.  I do have a pretty nice size desk (6' wide), but somehow I just manage to get it cluttered up in no time.  I do like to have things handy, and I have to store things on, around and under my desk, so I am constantly prioritising what I really need to have close by. 

One thing I love is functioning containers, if they are pretty as well - that's a bonus.
I will share with you today, and in the next few weeks some pictures of things I have in my corner.

This is how I store my small acrylic paint bottles.  I got so lucky and found the rack in a local thrift store. 

It does have room for bottle on both sides, and it spins.  Since space is limited I can not spin it around freely.  On the back side I have also bottles stored, but they are for painting on tiles.  And since I do not need them as often they are on the side against my large shelf.

Thanks for visiting me in my little corner,

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