Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

How come that time just flies so fast.  It was just Thanksgiving,  Christmas came so fast, and of course now the New Year.  Hopefully things will slow down a bit.

So, I usually do not make New Years Resolutions.  But, I will make one exception, when it comes to my crafting world. 

Like so many, I have just way to much crafting supplies.  To much paper, and to many of everything. It is just getting out of control.  I have no more space to go to, I am already taking over parts of my living room.  I was just contemplating what I could move onto my shelf that would look pretty, like a big jar of ribbon scraps, or my laces.  What will be next?  My bedroom or even the kitchen.  We live in a rather small house, and space is very limited.  So I am constantly tying to figure out what to move where, and that takes time away from what I would like to do. 

So, for the year 2013 I will go on a "Stash-Diet".  I have done that before for a while (about 6-9 month), but not for a whole year.  Now I will have to still get glues etc and stuff I may run out of and truly need, but no purchases of "extras".  Of course I will use my gift card and money I received at Christmas for something fun, and any gifts etc I may receive during the year of course.  But otherwise I will work very hard on not buying anything new.  Boy that will be hard.  But I think I can do that. 

And my other resolution is to start an Art Journal.  I have started a small one last year, but have not done much, mostly sketching.  I have a nice big book, and I would love to try out mixed media techniques.  I do have enough paint, pencil, inks, etc to make it work.  And I have decoupage glue and lots of paper.  So nothing should stop me.

Of course I try to be a better blogger.  I am still having a hard time with loading pictures.  The whole process seems to long.   So I will have to research if I am doing something wrong, or if it will just get easier with practice. 

So, this week I am going to unearth my desk, again, and start on my 2013 journey.

I hope you will all have a fantastic crafty year as well.

Thanks for visiting me in my little corner,