Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I am so excited.  I got my first copic markers.  I have been eyeing them for a long time.  I have a few Prismacolor markers.  But the first few strokes with my sketch markers and I am in love.  They feel so nice going over the paper and they seem to blend so much nicer.  I still have to get the right paper. 
The reason I got the skin color once first, is so that I can practice coloring nice faces.  If I like the results I can start working on getting more. 
They are an investment, and of course I would just love to get them all, who would not.  But, like so many of us, I have to budget my purchases.  And in general I am waiting for things to go on sale, or I have to have a good coupon (40% or more) before I buy a bigger (more expensive) item.  I waited over a year to get a good deal on my Big Shot, so I have a bit of self control.  So getting my collection of copics growing will probably take me a while.  But it is all good.  It's worth waiting for something like that.

Hope you all have a fantastic scrappy week.

Oh and I also joined Your Paper Pantry recently.  I have signed up for 2 swaps and am so excited about that.  I am done with sketching out my ideas, and I pretty much have all I need already.  I may have to get a few small things.  Will probably show glimpses during the month of my creations, but will not reveal the completed projects till after it has been delivered to the recipient, so that the surprise will not be spoiled. 

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Mini Album

I have been paper crafting for a while, but hardly ever do any layouts.  I think I only do them when I am at a workshop etc.   I am still organizing my pictures (it's been years in progress, I am the worlds biggest procrastinator).  A few years back however I tried my luck on a mini album.  I love the format and the way it is more decoration, even without pictures.  So far I have only made them as gifts.  But I am hoping to do some for myself this year.  But I still have ideas on a few that I am trying to do as gifts as well.

Here are a few pictures of an early mini I made for a friend of mine.

Well, can you guess what her name is.  The cover had her name on, I covered chipboard letters with paper.  I paper was from my stash.  It is an older paper pack.  But I love the natural earth tones.

She is such a sweet lady, and just adores her hubby.  When I saw that paper I just had to include it in the mini, and added the "my husband" stamp (from CTMH).

The cake stamp is also from CTMH, and I used prisma pencils to color it it.  I made my own tags and tried to distress them.  I think I used the distress inks.  But it is to long ago to remember it for sure.  I even added a few ribbons, something I still have a hard time remembering to add to my cards, minis etc.  I am not very frilly so adding ribbons and flowers I have to try to make sure I add them.

Here I added a few more tags for family pictures and journals about her family.

I did make my own pages by cutting up some recycled packaging I think.  Now I have this nice stash of purchased chipboard album, I however still like to add extra pages in between by making my own.  One can never have to many pages in a mini.  They really should be called "chunky mini's"

There where more pages in this mini, but these where the nicest once.  Well more soon.

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